Entrust Refund Services is a service provider assisting homeowners in the recovery of mortgage insurance premiums from the US Government. Starting in 2010 our mission has been simple "Helping People Recover Mortgage Insurance Premiums". With over 3000 individual refunds and over $6,000,000 dollars recovered we continue to be committed to this mission. We separate ourselves from our competitors by preparing all the paperwork required to apply for your refund, always following through with our agreements, charging a fair commission, never charging upfront fees, and only collecting our payment after you have received your refund. Please call us today see if you are owed a Mortgage Insurance Refund: 763-232-5972

Why Choose Us?

As you might imagine the process to collect your mortgage insurance refund from the US Government can be tedious, frustrating, and time consuming.

With our experience Entrust Refund Services can help you avoid the governments red tape and simplify the recovery process. Our goal is to bring you excellent results with minimal effort on your part. Most of our clients spend less then 20 minutes of there own time in the recovery of their refund.
Entrust Refund Services locates and secures the crucial documentation required for the federal government to accept and process your claim. We prepare all the paperwork that is needed.  After your application has been submitted we will continue to monitor and calendar critical follow-up dates and deadlines, and advocating on your behalf until your refund is processed and you have received your check.
Entrust Refund Services works hard to earn our clients' trust - through prompt and responsive communication, professionalism, and a high standard of ethics. We look forward to demonstrating for you our commitment to helping you recover your mortgage insurance refund.