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Thanks for finding us the money.
Kind Regards,

We would like to say thank you for your help and we would like to offer our help to anyone that thinks you're a scam or a rip-off. We understand the problems with today and its hard sometimes to trust someone just out of the blue, but you can be trusted. Barb and I really do thank you for all you have done.
I wish you good success in the future.
Thanks again
Richard and Barbara Radloff, of Muskogee Okla.

Dear Sir:
As a retired police officer and current member of a large college police and security department, the word "Skeptical" certainly applies to me.  When I received your initial correspondence, dated Jan 2nd, 2013, about a refund that I was due from a property that I owned 23 years ago, it almost went in the trash. Almost. After talking to you, I decided to give your company a chance to pursue this matter. 
You came through and I received my refund on Feb. 25th, 2013. I would whole-heartedly recommend your services to anyone.  I can't express my appreciation enough. 
Perry A. Dingle, Erie, PA

Thank you for your services and for notifying us that this refund has been due to us from the US Government for more than 20 years.  We followed your instructions and received the refund from HUD in the full amount you indicated to us. What a pleasant Surprise!
Thank you for your valuable Service.
Tony Henrie, Stafford, VA

My father has received his check. He is extremely happy after all these months of waiting they finally sent him his money and it is to you that we must thank! So, thank you for assisting us and being as patient as we are for this whole thing to process, we are truly grateful.
Once again Thank You!!
Manyvone Sengsavang

Hi Mr. Whitman,
YES! you may use my message as an endorsement. I am very happy I took a chance with your company to handle the refund. There is no doubt that if someone asks me if I know about anyone to do this work, I will give them your name in a heartbeat. I can't say enough good things about this experience!
Diana McCumber

Thank you, Scott, and thank you for helping us get our refund money. If you ever need a reference, please let me know I would be glad to do that for you.
David Lammers

just wanted to thank you for your tremendous help in both informing us that we had this refund owed to us, as well as in obtaining all the necessary paperwork needed to get it. The process went very smoothly due to your guidance and direction.
Again, thank you for everything you did! 
Kindest regards,
Brenden and Candice Fahy

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your company, and Robin Bernabo. I have been contacted before by individuals who said I was entitled to funds from a vague sounding place, please sign this form and send it back with a check for $___, one was $224. I threw them all away. Your company's letter was the first to arrive on professional letterhead, and to be followed up by a phone call.

Robin was polite, professional, but most of all not the pushy salesman of something I really didn't want. He explained where the money came from and how to obtain it in crystal clear detail, and that he/your company worked on commission, and did not get paid up front. Of course, I nearly fell over.

His descriptions were always perfect. My emails were always answered right away.
The other not so professional letters I received indicated that I would sign their letters, and they would send me a check. Your company is so much more informative. The guidance provided all along "not even a fool could err therein." After this experience I think for $224 someone would have sent me a packet of instructions and a good luck sticker.
My highest regards for Robin from that first phone call, when I grilled him, all the way through my marbles rolling in all directions, to the end of receiving the check. He took personal satisfaction in his work and seeing my receipt of that check through.
I wish your company all the best. If your company needs a reference, or Robin, I would gladly give one.
Thank you so much for all your efforts on my behalf,
Ruth S. Fowler

Thanks again for your very competent assistance. Well worth the fee.
Mark Serbian

Thank you so much for providing this service. It's been a great help to us with me not working now! In the future, if you need a referral for one of your customers, please don't hesitate to contact me as I'm more than happy to provide a positive response.

Again, thanks so much :-)
Have a great day!
Dawn Sakalas

Thanks so Much! Great Job and at a very appropriate time for us.
Ray Casey

Entrust Refund Services
Thank you for the Help on this!
Daniel Reid

Mahalo Mui Loa "Thank you very much"
for recovering this for me, I can sure use it.  I will tip a Mai Tai in your honor tonight.
Mahalo & Aloha

Thank you for your time and efforts.  We truly appreciate you connecting with us.  The funds were a real blessing as we were in the process of purchasing a house. 
These monies were from the house I lived in with my first wife after we were married. While she has been deceased for more than 5 years, she continues to smile upon me from heaven.
Blessings, Keith Riley

Thanks so much for finding this money that was owed to us.  I am a widow with four children, and this will definitely help us enjoy Christmas a little (lot) more this year! May God bless you richly!
Rachel Hembree

Thanks Again for contacting me and providing me the assistance I needed to recover the almost $800.00 that the government owed me.  Had you not reached out to me, I seriously doubt that Uncle Sam would have made me aware of that money that was sitting there for years.
I hope other will take advantage of the services you provide.  It took less than a month for the whole process, and I am happy to have my $.
Feel free to contact me if you need a testimonial. You are welcome to use my name as a reference.


Lou Hayden